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Common questions are answered in detail for you to better understand spray tanning.

  • Will a ROXTAN spray tan look 'fake'?

  • NO - pure and simple! This is a property of 'cheap' solutions which tend to use too much DHA and little or no Erythrulose in their solutions. ROXTAN uses the latest technologies in tanning, taking advantage of the tanning properties of Erythrulose, an ingredient rarely used in spray tanning because of its high cost. It works to enhance the natural look of your spray tan. You will look like you've been on holidays and not at the salon.

  • How does the 2 hour tan work?

  • Often confused with being a rapidly developing tan, the 2HR tan develops at exactly the same speed as a 'normal' spray tan. The advantage is in the ability to wash your tan off 2 hours after application. It is important to remember the time you were sprayed so you know when to wash (sprayed at 3pm wash at 5pm).


    It is common with many inferior 2 Hour Tan brands that you have to leave your application on longer than 2 hours to gain a sufficiently dark tan - a ROXTAN is known as the " TRUE 2 Hour Tan" as it uses an efficient absorber used in many anti-aging creams, which means 2 hours is all the time you need to gain the tan you'll love.

  • How long does a spray tan last?

  • A ROXTAN spray tan will last between 7-10 days. High quality ingredients and cosmetic absorbers infused in the solution, embed the tan deep beneath the skins dead cell layers. This gives a deeper and darker tan than competing brands and takes longer to fade away.


    DMI / Dimethyl Isosorbide (plant derived skin absorbant)

    Works to temporarily dissolve the loose fats and oils on your skin to allow the active ingredients a clear path to the skins surface, for a more effective absorption and interaction with the epidermis.


    Erythrulose (tan extender and colour refiner)

    Has the advantage of an extended development time which peaks 2 days after application, giving your tan two extra days of life. Its developed colour is also a different tone to DHA (base active ingredient). When used in combination (DHA-Erythrulose) it gives a superior natural tone to DHA only tanning solutions.

  • Will it look patchy?

  • A patchy tan is VERY UNLIKELY with RoxTan due to the Erythrulose in our solutions. RoxTan has incorporated the latest technologies in tanning and high quality ingredients to ensure your tan fades evenly.


    If you do experience an area of uneven fading it may be due to...


    • A lack of preparation and aftercare for your tan.


    • The application missed a portion of the skin.


    • Dressing too soon after application.


    • Excessive friction on a particular area of skin, causing accelerated exfoliation and hence uneven fading of the tan   [ sometimes resulting from - sport participation, active lifestyles, use of exfoliators while showering ]




    • Preparation is the key to an evenly fading tan without patchiness - before you arrive for your appointment ensure your skin is well exfoliated with an exfoliation glove and shave 1 - 2 days before your appointment.


    • Exfoliation is essential before application but detrimental after. Avoid long swims, pat dry after showering and moisturise after every shower.


    • Visit a reputable spray tanner - using high quality solutions.


    • Allow 5 minutes to dry after your application before dressing.



    For more detailed information on getting the most out of your tan, see... BEFORE AND AFTER CARE

  • What is a spray tan bronzer/colour guide?

  • The initial tan you receive is due to the presence of a bronzer in the solution. This bronzer is made up of mineral cosmetic colours which are approved safe for skin application and are also used commonly in the foods we eat.


    The bronzer plays no role in physically tanning the skin but is necessary for the beautician to see where the tan is being applied, ensuring no areas are missed. The active ingredients will absorb into the skin underneath the bronzer, which will sit on the skins surface until it is time to wash - revealing the tan which has developed underneath.


    [ A 'bronzer free' solution is available at selected stockists - call your local ROX tanner to see if they use this product ]

  • How do I prepare for my spray tan?

    • Shave 24 - 48 hours before your appointment.
    • Shower and Exfoliate well before you arrive for your appointment.
    • Do not apply any products / makeup / deodorant to your skin after your shower.
    • Wear loose fitting - dark coloured clothing to avoid disturbing the tan after application.

    See BEFORE AND AFTERCARE for more details...

  • What happens If I leave the 2 Hour Tan on for longer?

  • The 2 Hour Tan uses a very efficient absorber (DMI) used in many leading antiaging creams. Leaving the 2 Hour Tan on for longer than recommended will result in your tan going darker.

    We recommend if you would like to have a darker tan, use the DARK 2 Hour Tan - rather than leaving a 'Medium' on for longer than 2 hours. Your tan will look more natural by following the 2 hour wash off time.

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