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Spray tanning is one of the biggest growth areas in beauty today and is forecast to register its biggest growth rates in the coming years. Society now recognises the impact overexposure to the sun and solariums have on their skins health which is pushing the vast majority of solarium users and chronic sun bakers to spray tanning. Now is the time for you to enter the industry as it grows and benefit from the lucrative business of spray tanning.


Quote from Melanie Corlis (Bronzalicious) 'CareerOne' newspaper:

"Spray tanning is going to be the biggest growth area in Australia in the beauty business, because people want everything instantly.....Tanning is probably our most famous service; we tan 500-700 clients a week!"




Before you start tanning you need to jump through a few simple hoops. Below is a list of the things that need to be done before you begin making serious money in tanning...



1. Registrations & Legal

  • Develop your business plan and financial plan (google some examples to get you started)
  • Decide on a legal structure (consult with your accountant)
  • Register your business name in the states you will be trading in at your local Chamber of Commerce
  • Register for an Australian Business Number (ABN) at [ ]
  • Check with your state government and local council about necessary licences or permits



2. Setting Up

  • Choose a premises, then negotiate a lease or purchase agreement in consultation with your solicitor (not required for mobile tanning)
  • Arrange for business insurance, including public liability, fire, burglary and professional indemnity. (if required)
  • Arrange for connection of utilities such as electricity, water, telephone and gas
  • Arrange fit out and purchase business equipment, fittings and furniture



3. Educate Yourself

  • Read through the free educational resources available on our website at our EDUCATION section and once ABN registered, view articles in our BUSINESS section.
  • Practice tanning your friends before spraying the public (at least 10 or when you feel you are confident)



4. Market Your Tanning

  • Register in the yellow pages and local online / print business directories  [ie. ]
  • Register your website domain name and develop a website
  • Let your passing traffic know you offer spray tanning (A-Frame, Retractable Banner, Poster) see... MARKET YOUR TANNING