How Does a 2 Hour Tan Work?

Traditionally, after applying, spray tan is left on for about 6 – 8 hours.

The difference with a 2 hour tan is that you wash the solution off after 2 rather than 6 hours (or more).

Often confused with being a rapidly developing tan, the 2 hour tan develops at exactly the same speed as a ‘traditional’ spray tan. The advantage is in the ability to wash the application off after 2 hours.

You will notice after showering at 2 hours, the bronzer will wash away and you will appear to have no tan at all. It isn’t until 3-4 hours after application that you will begin to rapidly see the tan revealing itself.

A spray tan will peak in development at around 8-12 hours.

IMPORTANT: Do not leave your 2 hour tan on for longer than 2 hours or over-development may result. If you would like to go darker, ask for the ‘Dark’ Strength of the 2 Hour Tan rather than leaving a lighter strength on for longer.



The volume you spray is one of the most important aspects of tanning.

Too much and you will overdevelop. Too little and you may need a light re-coat.

Use only 30 – 50mls for a 50 – 100kg person. 

Pro Tip: Fill your pot with 200ml of solution, mark this position with a permanent marker, then mark a 170ml and 150ml on the pot which will then be a visual guide for spraying 30ml and 50mls.



  • The convenience to go about your day sooner.
  • No need to sleep in your tan (dirtying your sheets).
  • Need to be tanned for a night out?  Get sprayed after work – have a shower after two hours – get ready as usual…  by the time you are out and dancing you will be developing your tan and getting browner by the minute.


  • The ‘Original’ tan is useful for clients unable to wash at 2 Hours. For example – Tanning on your lunch break (unless you are able to shower at work).
  • Sometimes people just ‘prefer to stick with what they know’ and want to keep using the tried and trusted 6 hour tan in their beauty regimen.

NOTE: Both the 2hr and 6hr tans come in 3 strengths ( LIGHT / MEDIUM / DARK ).