2 Hour Tan – 1L

Light / Medium / Dark






Shower 2 hours after application.

You tan will develop progressively over 6 – 8 hours.

When showering, the colour guide on your skin will wash away, leaving your skin with only a faint tan.

Allow time for your tan to develop, do not re-apply thinking the tan has not worked. The solution is working it’s magic changing the colour of your skin gradually for a longer lasting, deeper tone.

  • Single Coat Application [ Natural results with minimal volume applied ]
  • Available in 3 Strengths    [ Light / Medium / Dark ]
  • Erythrulose Rich Formulation   [ Vastly Improves Natural Tone & Improves Fading]
  • Ultra-Pure Pharmaceutical DHA  [ 99.8% ]
  • DMI Enhanced Formula   [ Accelerated Absorption ]
  • Long Lasting 7-10 Day Tan
  • Even Fade

DHA & Erythrulose, Dual active ingredients, generate a deeply rich tan.

Compatible for use in ALL hand held tanning machines.



Use 30-50 mls per application only (for a 50 – 100kg person).



For consistent tans, fill your solution pot to 200ml, mark this starting position with a permanent marker.

Then mark at 170ml and 150ml positions (to show when you have sprayed 30ml and 50ml).

Perfect results are seen with consistent/correct application volumes.

These markings on your pot will enable you to see if you have sprayed too much or too little by the time you have finished your application.

If you find you have applied too much, you should wash off sooner than 2 hours.

If you have applied too little, you can either lightly and evenly reapply until the recommended volume is applied OR leave the application on for longer than 2 hours to allow more time for more solution to absorb.



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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 10 × 10 cm

2 Hour Tan



Item Type

Spray Tan Solution


Beginner & Professional Users

Warranty Description

12 Months

Solution Strength

Light, Medium, Dark


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